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First Risk Capital help develop ideas that challenges the status quo. The company was started in 2008 after the founders Carl August Ameln and Lasse Hoydal had their first exit in the space sharing sector.
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The company is focusing on storage services & new business concepts in Scandinavia and the UK, and we have been a part of several self-storage, sharing & collaborative successes in Europe.

We first got involved in carsharing in London in 2008, in what became Zipcar, one of the first companies in the new sharing economy and the biggest carsharing company in the world today. 
So far we have with our partners created businesses with a combined enterprise value in excess of 500 million euros. We do not raise funds externally, we only invest our own capital gained through previous exits.
First Risk Capital and its founders owns companies in different sectors that operate in several countries, and in cities like London, Paris, Nice, Madrid, Barcelona & Dublin.
We enjoy working with local partners and we work actively in all companies where we take a lead investment role.

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